Anyone who already knows me, knows that it is a pleasure to make an object created by me even more unique and yours, customizing it expressly on your request.

In my pictorial journey more and more often I have been asked to personalize: details of yours

work, city, house, animals …

Research that I always try to fulfill, while respecting my way of painting.

It is impossible for me to paint something, anything, that does not transmit anything to me, a limit that makes my brush unusual.

From here I decided to include, as an opportunity: the opportunity, for those who have pleasure, one more opportunity


What I customize

Besides the opportunity to personalize almost all the objects of my collections, I personalize plates for your home, for your restaurant, hotel, for your work.

I customize dishes of different sizes for events and awards.

Targhette, which I will then make magnets, of your country, an object always in fashion to bring with you the memory of a holiday.